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Hyundai Accent Chassis

The car's wheel suspension is solved quite simply, using wheel guidance with McPherson struts. At the front, they are supported by an L-shaped rocker, at the rear with a wishbone arrangement of unequal length. Despite the use of two stabilizers, there is a tilt in bends, the suspension feels too soft … read on . . .

Hyundai Accent

W 2000 r. A variant of the Korean Hyundai Accent car appeared on our market, which is based on the old Pony and Excel models, and is produced from 1994 year. W 1999 r. facelift version was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, mainly the front and rear of the car.
Accent is available in … read on . . .

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai AccentIX ’94: the new Accent model – generally upgraded Pony; VII ’97: face lifting; ’99: another body modification; 2000: changed bodywork, minor improvements to technical components.

► Technical data
Chassis: hatchb.: 3- and 5-door: dim. 4103/1620/1394 mm, capacity. trunk 345 l; since: length. 4- door. 4117 mm, capacity. trunk 305 l. Motors: … read on . . .