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Checking the KE-Motronic injection system components – Audi 80

Checking the KE-Motronic injection system components – Audi 80

The drawings show the location of the various parts. The principles of operation of some parts will be discussed below.

Fuel pump

The fuel pump is checked as described on the page about K-Jetronic injection system.

The descriptions apply to the parts shown in the figure 2.229.

■ Fuel line (2) returns to the tank … read on . . .

Adjustment and testing of the KE-Motronic injection system – Audi 80

Adjustment and testing of the KE-Motronic injection system – Audi 80.

The KE-Motronic injection system is installed in the engines 2,0 dm3 of both eight-valve ones, as well as sixteen-valve. The description applies to the 3A engine. A special feature is the blocking of the ignition and injection systems, that is, the operation of both systems is directed from a common control device. … read on . . .

Adjusting the idle speed and the concentration of carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas – To whom 2

Float position adjustment

The float position must only be adjusted when the needle valve or the float is replaced.

■ Set the carburetor cover to the position shown in the illustration 2.177. The ball of the valve needle sits flexibly in the needle – need caution, so that the ball is not pressed in.

■ Check dimension "a with a depth gauge” between the upper … read on . . .

Idle adjustment on a cold engine – Keihin II carburetor

Idle adjustment on a cold engine (opening the throttle)

If the engine idles constantly, it is most often the "fast" idle that needs to be adjusted. Before making adjustments, warm up the engine to operating temperature. Ignition settings and idle speed must be correct.

■ Connect the tachometer according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

■ Remove the air filter.… read on . . .

Keihin II carburetor adjustment

Keihin II carburetor adjustment

The expense of the accelerating pump:

A measuring cylinder is required to measure the flow rate (measuring cup) and funnel.

■ Remove the carburetor.

■ Remove the carburetor cover.

■ Fill the float chamber with fuel.

■ Reinstall the cover.

■ Tighten the lever (1, Lynx. 2.174) to the piston (2); there must be no play between the lever and the piston.… read on . . .

Audi 80 – simple maintenance

Most of the maintenance work can be done independently. However, it is often better to carry out some activities at a service station. These include activities, for which special tools are necessary, experience or measuring instruments, and activities, which the service station can do faster.

Listed below, however, you should regularly do simple tasks yourself. They are … read on . . .